As my business name Unison suggests, my focus is on working closely with you to create ceremonies that truly reflect who you are, and what you want. My wish is to ensure that all ceremonies are personal and meaningful, but that some structure is provided and legal obligations are met.

My many years working as a social worker have honed my communication skills. I have the ability to be perceptive and hear what is required. I am warm, friendly and relaxed, with a good sense of humour. I have excellent organisational skills – essential for the seamless progression of any ceremony.

I have lived in New Zealand for 17 years, after having emigrated from South Africa. This has enabled me to be sensitive to cultural differences and similarities, and I would be happy to acknowledge these when designing ceremonies for people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
I undertake to provide you with a service that is warm and inclusive, whilst always maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism

Whether you are wanting to celebrate a wedding, honour the life of a departed loved one, or commemorate any significant life events, I will work with you to create a meaningful ceremony that truly reflects who you are and what you believe in. 

"Robyn performed as a celebrant to our marriage. She was very helpful with all of the questions that we had and helped us to customize our wedding to make it the most special day in the world. We are very grateful for her flexibility and her willingness to help create our perfect day."

Meghan & Sebastian Blackwood

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Member of the Celebrant's Association of New Zealand